Love will tear us apart

Sombre honesty from a worn Ian Curtis and his deep-toned white man soul. Awash with 80’s-defining synth, Curtis is propped up by body-slapping snare.

Journey into the troubled and beautiful Joy Division capsule of raw feeling. released June 1980.


Route 94 – My Love ft. Jess Glynne

fresh from a wax and polish at the services, this sexy liquid nitrogen fuelled fire-truck pulls into the party, and parks on our conscious.

the groove calmly treads and clamps us into the concrete dance-floor, as smooth rasps of ethereal vocals brush over and titillate the crowd’s collective cerebrum with razor sharp iced-tips, while chilled melt water washes over our slush-puppy souls.

Route 94 – ‘My Love ft. Jess Glynne’ – its currently fending of Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ for top spot on the BBC singles chart.

Get Lucky

its a year since last spring, so i aint rolling over any new stones here. its still on my ‘best’ playlists. i want this track on my blog. its delicious. precision collaboration. these guys are pros.

“getting lucky is not just sleeping with her… but meeting someone for the first time and it just clicking… there’s no greater fortune in this existence to me” – Pharrell Williams

New Music. London UK. Indie. Nolita View – Suitable Position

Nolita View – Suitable Position – a nugget from alt indie rock London oufit “Nolita View”. prepare for pulsy psychedelia-tinged guitar riff verses. then. the choruses take off from town-lights & nevada roadtrips, catapulting up towards the desert stars; relentless … Continue reading

Lorde’s charmed spirit breezes woo-fully across wonderfully produced take-it-easy Drums&Bass.

Her chilled & honest vocals swoon and swirl beautifully. Accompanied by a thick crust of crisp percussion & deep bass, the mass of which collectively evokes a  5-tonne hummingbird sitting cross-legged on a rustic rug in the centre of a groomed English country garden lawn, gently sucking on a doobie, while bobbing its head to the distant effortless nymph chants of Lady Lorde herself.